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A Farm First

Two years ago when I first brought PJ home, I wasn’t sure if I would keep her.  She is a cross between a North Country Cheviot and a Southdown Babydoll.  I worried that maybe she would have trouble lambing because of her smaller size.

Last year she gave birth to twins with no problem at all.  So I kept her.  I am so glad I did.

This morning she starting showing signs of lambing.  I kept an eye on her all morning, and around 12:30 she gave birth to a lovely little boy.  Yes…another boy.

I moved her and her lamb into a pen, and went in to the house for a quick bite of lunch.  When I went out a wee bit later to check on her I was happy to see her cleaning up her second lamb.  Hurray, it all went well once again.

Imagine my surprise when out from behind her popped another little face.  What???? Three lambs??? Triplets???


Yes, darling little PJ has given birth to two handsome boys, and a sweet little girl.

She is definitely a keeper!  This must be the year of the boy…4 out of 5 lambs so far are boys.

Triplets…a first for the farm.


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