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Today was a day for puttering in the garden.  Time to start bringing in some of the harvest.

I pulled the garlic, and strung it up in the wood shed to dry.  Just over 60 bulbs, enough to replant this fall and still have lots to cook with.


I picked a batch of mint and put it in the herb dryer.  Can’t have too much mint tea in the winter.


This year I planted sweat peas in the garden, and they have done quite well.


This bouquet is for you, Sister Mary.  I just wish there was a way to send the scent over the internet.


While I was working in the garden I heard the Sandhill Cranes.  There they were, down in the field for the first time this summer.


I also picked the black currants today.


I washed them and put them in jars with some of the leaves.  Filled the jars with vodka, and set it away in a cool, dark place until December.


Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).  This is all that is left of the batch from last year.  It’s a good thing there will be a new batch soon.


So delicious. A perfect end to a day celebrating the garden’s bounty, and no better place to enjoy it than on my deck.


I hope you had a wonderful August day too!

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Still Here!

It’s been awhile since I posted so I thought it was time I gave a little update.  Lots of things have been happening.  We have new residents at Morris Brook Farm.


The summer guests include Brandy and her two daughters, son, and granddaughter.  It is nice having them in the next field, and Olivia is learning that she is not a sheep.  She is not too sure about the new residents but is okay hanging out with them as long as they don’t get too close.


The two newest little ones are very curious too.  They are not quite sure what to make of Odin and Emma but are willing to explore.

The pole shed is complete…Snail Pace Contracting hired a sub-contractor to complete the job. Check out the latest safety rated construction site footwear!


The shed looks great and I am looking forward to filling it with wood for the winter.



My garden is actually starting to produce…yes I do know it is past the middle of August.  I have eaten my share of peas, had one cucumber and there is another on the way.  I have enjoyed an abundance of strawberries and about twelve raspberries.  I have always planted lots of sweet peas and had bouquet after bouquet to enjoy and share with friends and families.  I am happy to report that  hasn’t changed by moving here.  Okay, well maybe the size and volume of the blooms is down a bit.


Big Sister, I am glad you are enjoying a summer in France.  I will work on actually being able to pick you a bouquet of sweet peas next summer!  This year I am just happy they actually bloomed…all three of them.



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