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Family Reunited

Jack is five days old and doing just fine.


When Olivia was close to giving birth I put her in the small pen behind the sheep barn.  It was easier to keep an eye on her, and also easier to catch the calf once it was born.  This meant that Lily had to stay out in the big field with Birdie.  Each night Lily slept close to the pen and close to her Mother.  During the day she would leave to eat and drink water.  I could tell she missed her Mother.

It was interesting observing the behaviour of Olivia and Jack…I learned that cattle are not snugglers.

If a dog had newborn puppies, or a cat had newborn kittens, you would see them sleeping all snuggled up together. Not so with cattle, I never once saw them touching while resting or sleeping.  Olivia is a good Mom, she keeps him clean, feeds him, is always aware of where he is at all times, but no sleepy snuggles.


We wanted to keep Olivia and Jack in the small pen until we got a tag on his ear and had him banded (didn’t want him growing up to be a big bull!).

Well thanks to Brothers Dan and Tom, that was all done yesterday.

This morning instead of feeding and watering Olivia in the pen I opened the gate and invited her out into the field. Olivia wouldn’t go, she kept looking around at Jack. Lily was waiting and soon came into the pen to see her Mom.

Well while Olivia was greeting Lily, Jack slipped past them both and headed out to explore…


closely followed by his Sister and Mom.

It was so nice to see the three of them together, out in the morning sunshine.


A family reunited.


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