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Shearing Day

One of the advantages of the cool spring is that the sheep have not had to suffer hot weather while still wearing their winter coats.

Yesterday afternoon I got the call.  The shearer was on his way.

I called the sheep in from the field, they are so good about coming when called.  I put them all in the barn, babies too and closed the gate.


They were very patient, just relaxing while we waited for the shearer.

He arrived, got set up, and lucky PJ was the first to get trimmed.


The others all stayed back out-of-the-way, and watched the show.


It didn’t take long for a haircut and a pedicure.


What a difference.  I always worry a little bit that the sheep are getting too fat, but every year once they are sheared, I can relax.  It wasn’t fat, just lots of wool.

It must feel so good to have those big winter coats off.


And now I have three bags full of wool…again.

I really must get spinning and knitting…

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