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Today was a day for puttering in the garden.  Time to start bringing in some of the harvest.

I pulled the garlic, and strung it up in the wood shed to dry.  Just over 60 bulbs, enough to replant this fall and still have lots to cook with.


I picked a batch of mint and put it in the herb dryer.  Can’t have too much mint tea in the winter.


This year I planted sweat peas in the garden, and they have done quite well.


This bouquet is for you, Sister Mary.  I just wish there was a way to send the scent over the internet.


While I was working in the garden I heard the Sandhill Cranes.  There they were, down in the field for the first time this summer.


I also picked the black currants today.


I washed them and put them in jars with some of the leaves.  Filled the jars with vodka, and set it away in a cool, dark place until December.


Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).  This is all that is left of the batch from last year.  It’s a good thing there will be a new batch soon.


So delicious. A perfect end to a day celebrating the garden’s bounty, and no better place to enjoy it than on my deck.


I hope you had a wonderful August day too!

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Well here it is…the first day of Autumn.  The past week has felt more like summer than autumn, but the week before that there was a hard frost, and that was it for the garden.

I love spring planting and preparing the garden, but I have to say I also love this time of year, when it’s time to put the garden to rest.


I have spent hours digging weeds, pulling out dead tomatoes and beans and zucchini.


Not my favorite job in the garden, and such a sorry sight.  If only I’d covered those tomatoes that night.

Then there was the garlic…a great harvest this year, and a satisfying job to clean and prepare it.


Dead-heading the flowers from the peppermint left a lovely scent on my hands.

IMG_0001The sheep are getting their winter coats, Julie looking quite beautiful.


Odin the sheep-herder, walking them out to the field this morning.


Emma waiting patiently down the path.


What did we find in the field today?


Three Sandhill Cranes just walking around.

This past weekend we cut up firewood and I packed it home with the tractor.  (Love that tractor) Yesterday I stacked it all in the shed and last night it poured.  What a good feeling, to be tucked up warm under the covers, listening to the rain and knowing that the wood was under cover.

All these little autumn chores…preparing for the winter ahead.

In town shopping today, and I picked up my annual bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey,


getting prepared for the hot mugs of Scalteen this winter.  ( See the March 10, 2014 post)

It is the first of day of Autumn, kind of grey and rainy out…might be a good night for that first sip!



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