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You have seen many pictures of good old John Deere.


John Deere is the main snow plower, hay bale hauler, firewood packer and general duty tractor.

You have also seen pictures of my old Massey.


He moves the snow from my yard and is my best friend when I need to carry or move something.

I think you have even seen a picture of this old retired one.


His job is just to sit there and look good.  Many a vehicle has stopped on the road to take his picture.

What you didn’t know about, and have not seen are all the other tractors and equipment hiding out on Morris Brook Farm.

Every piece of machinery has its own purpose.  There is the big Massey.


This big guy does a lot of the haying…he just finished harrowing the fields.

These two sad old guys are just waiting…


waiting for their owner to take them home and restore them to their former glory.

We might need to push something big,


or push something small.


Need to dig a big hole,


or drag some logs?


All this equipment sits quietly through out the year, waiting for the day or hour when it is needed. They each have their own specific job that they are best suited for.

This little tractor doesn’t even have a motor that runs.


What possible use could it be?


Ah…it brings smiles and joy and excitement to the next generation, and dreams of the days to come when he will be out on the John Deere plowing snow, or haying with the big Massey.

Is there ever too many?  I don’t think so…

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