April 20th already, almost one whole month into spring.  This morning when I poured my second cup of coffee, I sat down with my box of seeds and starting sorting.  Time to plan the garden, and get some seeds started.

Flipping through the packages, I could taste the peas and beans, and the fresh bowl of salad.  The flowers were so beautiful and smelled lovely.

And then I looked up, and out the window.  What dream world was I in?


It was a blizzard out there!

The red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds didn’t seem to mind, they just kept eating.


The garden looked sad and forlorn, it was so looking forward to my company.


As for me, I set the box of seeds aside, threw another log on the fire, and poured myself one more cup of coffee.

Spring on the calendar, and in my head and heart, but still winter outside.

Hay Crib

The lambs have discovered the hay crib.


Happy Easter!

It’s done.  The 2017 lambing season is over for Morris Brook Farm.

Late yesterday afternoon Abbie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.


They are both healthy and doing well.

I had a bit of a problem with Cotton’s two boys.  I noticed their eyes were weeping and looking sore.  I called the vet and then picked up some antibiotic ointment to put in their eyes.  I did that for two days and there was no improvement.

So off to the vet we went.  It turned out that both boys had an eye condition called  Entropian.  This is when their lower eyelids are turned inward and the lashes and hair rubs against the cornea.  The vet turned their eyelids out, and then put one little stitch in each eye to hold it in place.

I could see an improvement by the time I had them back home.

They triplets are doing well.  The boys are very cute and have the usual upright and pointy ears,


but their sister Blossom has to be the cutest lamb I have ever seen.


For some reason, her ears hang down, kind of floppy like a puppy  or a bunny.

They all look a little different, but they are all doing well,


just hanging out in the sunshine.


That’s it for this year…the gang’s all here!

A Farm First

Two years ago when I first brought PJ home, I wasn’t sure if I would keep her.  She is a cross between a North Country Cheviot and a Southdown Babydoll.  I worried that maybe she would have trouble lambing because of her smaller size.

Last year she gave birth to twins with no problem at all.  So I kept her.  I am so glad I did.

This morning she starting showing signs of lambing.  I kept an eye on her all morning, and around 12:30 she gave birth to a lovely little boy.  Yes…another boy.

I moved her and her lamb into a pen, and went in to the house for a quick bite of lunch.  When I went out a wee bit later to check on her I was happy to see her cleaning up her second lamb.  Hurray, it all went well once again.

Imagine my surprise when out from behind her popped another little face.  What???? Three lambs??? Triplets???


Yes, darling little PJ has given birth to two handsome boys, and a sweet little girl.

She is definitely a keeper!  This must be the year of the boy…4 out of 5 lambs so far are boys.

Triplets…a first for the farm.



Well the first set of twins are here and they are boys.


Cotton delivered them late yesterday afternoon with no drama or fanfare.  First one, and then a few minutes later the other.  I had noticed her distracted behaviour, and had her all set up in a nice little pen.

Both boys were drinking before I knew it, and they have settled in to their new home just fine.

They spent today trying out their new legs,


and then having a nice long nap.


It is such a good feeling, once they are born and doing well.

Two more to go!

Any Day Now

Yesterday morning began with the most beautiful sunrise.


I had a busy day planned.  Sherman the ram has been here all winter, and it was time for him to go home.


Brother Dan arrived to give me a hand.  Usually we lead a sheep to  the back of my truck, lift their front legs up, and then lift their back legs up.  Sherman is a pretty big fellow though, and we didn’t want to hurt ourselves, so this time we planned to use a ramp to load him.

Now I have to tell you, I don’t have a proper loading ramp.  Brother Dan had brought a removable ramp up, and we proceed to add and subtract from it until we had something that  we thought would work.  Of course we had to try loading Sherman each step along the way, with each attempt failing, until we finally figured out something that would work.

Isn’t this a beautiful loading ramp?  Wouldn’t anyone want to use this?


Sherman was very patient with us, and was always willing to try once more.  This ramp must have met with his approval because with a little encouragement he made his way up and into the back of the truck.

I finally accepted that it is time to build a proper loading ramp.  No more makeshift loading jobs.

The sheep are due to have their lambs any day now.  They have gotten so big, it is hard for them to get comfortable.

Here is the view from behind,


and from the front.  Her head looks so small compared to her body.  How many lambs do you think are in there?


So now I watch and wait.  I have three ewes this spring, Cotton, Abby and PJ.  I am hoping for easy, uncomplicated births resulting in healthy lambs.

I’ll let you know how it goes…


Well here it is, March already.  The weather is very unpredictable, winter isn’t over yet but every now and then I get a glimpse of spring.

Our daily walks are just as unpredictable.  Some days the snow is so soft  or so icy, it is hard to walk. Other days it is just perfect.

Some days our walks are quiet and uneventful.  Other days something wonderful and unexpected happens.

Today’s walked started out quiet and uneventful.  The dogs found new smells to check out.


The sky to the east was a stormy spring sky, and the sky to the west was a cold, clear winter sky.


We walked past one of my favorite poplar groves,


and that’s when it happened, something wonderful and unexpected.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move through the woods on my left.

I stopped walking and started to search the trees.  It was hard to see, but eventually I found it.  Can you?


Want to get a little closer?


Isn’t that something wonderful and unexpected?  I thought it would fly away, but it just sat there staring at me.


The Great Grey Owl.

I say “the” because this owl lives on and around the farm.  We often see him hunting in the fields and sitting on the fence posts, but this is the closest I have ever been to him.  Or maybe it is her, I don’t know.

I always enjoy heading out on our daily walk, especially because I just never know what I will see.