Here it is, the end of August.  Summer is coming to an close and the signs are everywhere.

The flower pots around my deck are starting to look very tired.


Or maybe it is just me that is getting tired of watering them.

The garden has received some good rains so the flowers there are still doing well.

A bed of bachelor buttons,






and a sure sign of the end of August,IMG_5026


The vegetables are still doing well too.  I have been enjoying potatoes, carrots and swiss chard.

The beans will be ready to pick any day now.


They are late this year because the first planting froze out.

I also have some new lettuce that is almost ready to eat.


Whether or not I will be able to enjoy all these vegetables depends on not getting caught by a sudden frost.  That is a very real possibility.

The trees and shrubs are starting to turn color.


It is very noticeable on our walks.


The green isn’t as bright and has a yellow tinge to it.

The sheep are still enjoying the fields though.


Another sure sign is the sight of smoke across the field on the cooler mornings.  Not from a forest fire, thank goodness, but from a wood stove taking the chill off the cabin.


Such a good idea I had to try it myself.


Now that is a welcome sight and feel.

I am sure there are still some warm summer days ahead, but the end of August always feels like a turning point.

Get ready for fall…it’s on its way.

Morris Brook Farm was pretty lively the past two days.  Three great-nephews arrived for a sleep-over and it was not-stop activity.

It started yesterday with a trip to a local creek.  Grab the gold pans and start shovelling the sand in.


Then down to the creek to add some water,


and start swirling and looking for gold.


Once all the gold was found, it was time for the three Dudes (or is that four?) to build a dam across the creek.


The water rises as the dam goes up.  I don’t think those boots are going to keep the water out!


So what do you do once your boots are full?


That’s right.  Sit on the ground, raise your leg and let the water run out your boot, and all over your pants and shirt.


That didn’t stop the others from doing the same thing…first one…


and then the other.

So now your shirt is wet and doesn’t feel so nice.


Might as well take it off!


That feels better, now you can really enjoy the water.


Oh oh, looks like we have one hold out.  Come on take that shirt off!


That’s more like it, three shirtless dudes enjoying the creek.


Today brought a whole new bunch of adventures.  An early morning walk with a little rock climbing thrown in.


Wait a minute…some one else likes to climb rocks too!


Now what could possibly be so interesting?


You probably can’t see it, but it is a helicopter drone.  I tried to get pictures of it in flight but wasn’t very successful.


Pictures or not, the three dudes spent some time flying (and crashing) the helicopter.

The three dudes (or is it four?) then headed off to the cabin across the field.  I didn’t find out until later what they were doing over there.

Check it out!

What do you think? A future in the music industry?

Then it was off to the sand pit.


Dump trucks, loaders and shovels.


What to do when your shoes fill up with sand?


Take them off, of course.  I think he would be pretty good at the tree pose in yoga.  No problem standing on one foot!


Bare feet work so much better in the sand.

All that shovelling and road building worked up a bit of an appetite.

Time for the three (or is that four?) dudes to have a break and a snack.


Pretty scary looking bunch!

Last of all, a visit to Morris Brook Farm wouldn’t be complete without a quad ride.

Jace Hunter Grayson 011

Don’t worry, the fourth Dude was driving!

And that ended the visit…the three Dudes went home to their Moms and Dads with lots of stories to tell.

A great time was had by all…we’ll have to do it again soon!

An August Day

Today was a day for puttering in the garden.  Time to start bringing in some of the harvest.

I pulled the garlic, and strung it up in the wood shed to dry.  Just over 60 bulbs, enough to replant this fall and still have lots to cook with.


I picked a batch of mint and put it in the herb dryer.  Can’t have too much mint tea in the winter.


This year I planted sweat peas in the garden, and they have done quite well.


This bouquet is for you, Sister Mary.  I just wish there was a way to send the scent over the internet.


While I was working in the garden I heard the Sandhill Cranes.  There they were, down in the field for the first time this summer.


I also picked the black currants today.


I washed them and put them in jars with some of the leaves.  Filled the jars with vodka, and set it away in a cool, dark place until December.


Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).  This is all that is left of the batch from last year.  It’s a good thing there will be a new batch soon.


So delicious. A perfect end to a day celebrating the garden’s bounty, and no better place to enjoy it than on my deck.


I hope you had a wonderful August day too!

When I awoke this morning, I thought I had slept for a month or two.

The hot August days were over, and the cool grey days of October were here.

The sun was hidden beneath a blanket of fog? smoke? mist? I think it was a mixture of all three.


It had rained most of the night, and the grass and bush was soaked.

The walk with the dogs promised to be a wet one.  A perfect time to try out my new hiking boots and see if they really were waterproof.

The lake was quiet, no birds singing.


It was a quiet, cool, grey walk in the woods.


I think Buck enjoyed the change in the weather.


Throughout the walk my boots and pants got wetter and wetter.  I kept waiting for the moisture to soak into my socks.  Surely these boots weren’t actually waterproof?  How many times have I bought boots claiming to be, and I was always disappointed.

When I arrived back home, my pants were soaked from the bottoms to above my knees.


The boots were soaked too,


on the outside.  On the inside my socks and feet were perfectly dry.

Tomorrow when I wake up it will be August again.  The sun will be out, drying the grass and bush, and sending Buck and Emma into the ponds and creeks to cool off.

Today was a just a taste of what’s to come in the months ahead, cooler and wetter weather, and dry feet in my new hiking boots.


Mini Road Trip

I just got back yesterday from a mini road trip.

Sister Mary has guests visiting from Japan, and she wanted to take them to see Mount Robson in the Rockies.  I tagged along.

The first stop was in Clearwater for a picnic lunch.


Then off to Valemount, where we met our friend Dawne.  She had volunteered to be our guide.

The gates to the park.


The weather was hot, and it would have been lovely and clear, except for the smoke from the forest fires burning around the province.


It was hard to get a good picture of Mount Robson, but at least it wasn’t hidden in clouds.

The flowers were beautiful.


Then it was off to see some waterfalls.

First was Overlander Falls.


There were lots of pictures taken.


We timed it just right.  When we arrived there were kayakers, preparing to go over the falls. Quite something to watch, not for the faint of heart.

Then it was on to Rearguard Falls.


Our Japanese friends were very impressed!


After a full day we headed back to Valemount and our very comfortable accommodations at Willow Burl Cabins.


After a good night’s sleep and breakfast we headed back towards Clearwater and Wells Gray Park.  Off to see more waterfalls.

Spahats Creek Falls,


Dawson Falls,


and last but not least, Helmcken Falls.


You can still see the hazy blue smoke hovering everywhere.

Two more stops, first at Dairy Queen for ice cream, and then at a fruit stand and we were on our way home.

It was a great mini road trip, and fun to be a tourist in our own backyard.



Days of Summer

It has been a good summer so far.  Lots of hot, sunny days followed by a good rain.

The dogs love the walks and always find water to cool off in, a nice clean creek…


or a grungy pond.


It makes no difference to them, as long as it is wet.

We came across this on one of our walks.


Very tempting, might just have to take it out for a spin around the lake.

While we are enjoying these summer days, we are also looking ahead to fall and winter.  Yes, winter.

The hay is baled, stacked and under cover.


This makes the cows very happy.  Not only do have they have food for the winter, but once the hay is off the fields the animals can graze on the hay fields.  They have been waiting for this day.

We open the gate, and call out and just like that, they all come.

PJ and her two girls are the first.


Then Birdie, Olivia, and the rest.  One by one, down the fence line and through the gate.


Out into the big, green field. I won’t see as much of them on my side of the fence now until fall.


I am also working on my wood supply for the winter.  I have had three loads delivered so far and will be getting two more. It is starting to pile up.


Having it delivered is the easy part.  Now begins my work, splitting and stacking in the shed.


I actually enjoy the work.  It is not physically hard, and becomes kind of meditative.  Pick up a log, center it on the splitter, split it and toss it onto the pile.  Pick up another log…

The stacking is fun too, just like a jigsaw puzzle, trying to fit the pieces in.

While working on the wood I noticed this robin’s nest in the rafters.


Three little heads peeping over the top.  The mother robin became so used to me being in the shed I was even able to get this shot.


Back and forth she went, all afternoon, bringing food to her babies.  It won’t be long before they fly away and the nest will be empty.

Hope you are enjoying your summer days too, they go by so quickly.

Stay Tuned?

I ended my last post with the phrase “stay tuned”, almost two months ago.

Usually “stay tuned” means something to follow soon.  Two months is not soon.

The days go by, and I take lots of pictures, and think of many things to share with you, but just don’t take the time to sit down and post.

I will try to do better.

So, for those of you who did stay tuned….

Abby was not pregnant so we only have four lambs this year.  They are all healthy and growing like weeds.


Birdie was the last to have her calf, two and a half weeks overdue.  We were beginning to wonder if maybe she wasn’t pregnant either.

Then one day it happened, a beautiful little white-faced, red heifer.  She is called Brie, and will be staying on the farm.


Here are all three calves, two boys, Jack and Jake, and Brie.  They can always be found hanging out together.


Five cows and three calves.  A nice size herd, but hard to get a picture of them all together.  Here is Hope with the two boys.


and here is Olivia, Birdie, Brie, big Jack and Jenny.


Jenny is hard to see, hiding behind Jack.

It is so wonderful to see the green fields in July and all the wild daisies.  Last year everything was brown, dry and we were in the middle of a horrid fire season.  Although there are fires in other areas, so far we are okay this year.  The creeks and ponds still have water in them, and even part of the hay-field was too wet to cut.

The flowers are doing well, adding colour to the yard.


The poppies are taking over my garden.  I hate to pull them out, but if I don’t, eventually I will have nothing but poppies.


I took a wool felting class last week and made a bowl.  I was quite happy with how it turned out.  I had dyed the wool myself, and blended the colours.

Felt Bowl

Not bad for a first attempt.  Next time I will make the opening a little bigger so the bowl will be more functional.  This is more decorative than functional.

That’s all for now, hope you are enjoying your summer!