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I think the 2018 lambing season on Morris Brook Farm is over.  The best way to describe it is backwards, blocked and blank.

It all began with Cotton and her two boys.  The were both born breach (backwards) but are doing well now.


Then it was PJ’s turn.  Her labour seemed to go on too long, so I called my neighbour again.  He did an internal exam and found two lambs, nose to nose, both trying to come out at the same time.  Blocked.  A little manipulation and he got the first one out and breathing, and then the second one.  Two little girls, also doing well two weeks later.


So the only one left is Abbie.  Abbie is pretty fat, and looks like she has a baby or two in there.


but the days are going by and she is quite a bit overdue.  I am beginning to think she is just fat with no baby inside.  Blank.

That would be okay, we have four healthy lambs.


Everyone is doing well, enjoying the spring weather and snoozing with the cows.


I do have one other little project to share with you.

What would spring be without a renovation or two?



and after.


I have closed in one-third of the deck and made a lovely little sun room.  Now I will be able to grow tomatoes, basil, peppers and other tender vegetables without worrying about frost.  It is also a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, or cup of coffee.

We are still expecting one more calf, and who knows, maybe Abbie will surprise me yet.

Stay tuned!

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