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Here it is, New Year’s Eve, once again.

One year ago I wrote a post about creativity, and made a commitment to myself to do something with all the wool I have gathered over the years from my wonderful sheep.

Well guess what…I didn’t.  I did take a knitting class and complete part of one sock.


I was planning a visit to a friend before Christmas and she told me about finding wool pillows for sale at a craft sale.  She wanted to try one, but they were asking $150 per pillow, with no return policy.  Not a problem, I threw two bags of my wool in the truck when I went to visit and we did put together four pillows.


Two each, and I have been using mine ever since.


So I did do a little bit of wool work, but nowhere near what my intentions were.  There is always next year.

I did set one goal last year that I have achieved.

One of my gifts for Christmas 1999 was A Book Lover’s Diary from Brother Bill and family.


Ever since then, for the past 18 years, I have recorded the title, author and date of every book I read.


The number of books I read in a year changes depending on what is happening in that year.  Over the years the number has ranged from 39 to 107.

Last New Year’s I set a goal to read the most books ever.  10 books per month for a yearly total of 120.  If I complete the book I am currently reading ( a wonderful biography of Gordon Lightfoot by Nicholas Jennings) today, I will have read 122 books.  So, I did it.

It is easy to achieve a goal doing something you love.  Reading is like breathing for me, I don’t have to think about doing it, and if I stop doing it, it doesn’t take long for me to notice.

I haven’t set any goals for 2018.  I still have the wool one to work on.

A couple of updates…Pritchard and the girls are getting along just fine.  I believe there will be lambs in the spring.

The chickens have started to lay again.


Notice the different sizes of eggs.


The big ones are from the old hens, and the smaller ones are from the new hens just starting to lay.

Last but not least, there is a new addition to the farm.

BuckanOdin 003_1

Odin has a little buddy.  His name is Buck and he is 12 weeks old.

Here he is on Christmas Day with niece Val.


That’s it for 2017!

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all the best in 2018.

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Well it’s that time of year…again.

Time to get the sheep bred, if I want lambs in the spring.  I am actually a little late this year.  I had kind of decided not to breed them this year, but then I changed my mind.

So off to the neighbours with the truck and trailer and home I come with this fellow.


Remember him?  Pritchard the ram.  He has been back to the farm a few times before and always performed his job admirably.

The girls were a little startled and unsure when he first arrived.


I used my old standby trick of giving them all a bit of grain.  Nothing like food to bring folks together.


But…now I am beginning to wonder.

Pritchard has been here for over a week now and there has been no “activity” at all.  Most unusual.  Other years it doesn’t take more than a day or two before things start to happen.

So I have come up with three scenarios.  The first  (and the one I hope turns out to be right) is that things are just a little slow starting this year, and soon I will see the activity I have been waiting for.  The second (and this would be disappointing) is that Pritchard just doesn’t have what it takes anymore.  The third ( and this would be okay but not ideal) is that one of the male lambs wasn’t completely neutered this year, and  bred all three ewes before he “left” the farm.  That would mean there could be lambs born in late January or early February.   Not the best time for lambing up here, but if it happens we will see it through.

In the meantime, I will keep watching and waiting and hope I see something soon.  Something other than sheep lounging around the pen.


It’s also that time of year for something else.  The Christmas Tree.

Emma and I took a walk the other day and went tree hunting.  I love to walk through our own forest and look for the perfect tree.


We found just what we wanted, and today we went back with the saw to get it.


I know, I know, it looks kind of Charley Brownish.  The cows had been rubbing against the middle and broken off a lot of the branches.  But…when I looked at it, I saw this.


Just the tree for me, once the bottom was cut off.  So I chopped it down and loaded it on my trusty sled for the ride home.


Perfect timing too.   I had just trimmed the bottom off, brought the tree into the house,  and got it set up in its stand, when I saw this out the window.


It was snowing.  Quite appropriate for tree decorating.  I put a Christmas tape (yes, you read correctly, I still play cassette tapes) into the tape player, and got out my box of decorations.

Emma was in a mellow mood too, quietly watching the snow fall.


It didn’t take long and the tree was done.


Ready for that time of year, Christmas.

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