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That’s it…we are done.  All the babies are here.

Olivia had her calf, another fine-looking boy.


He looked like Jack, so that is what we called him.  Jack 2.

Then it was Birdie’s turn, and she had a lovely little heifer.


What a colorful pair.  Brother Tom’s grandson Jace named her Hope.

Last, but not least, Lily had a little boy.


Look at that face, and those long, white eyelashes.  We just had to call him Patch.

I thought that was it for babies this year, but then one of the hens decided she wanted to try hatching a few chicks.

She did a good job too, these four showed up yesterday afternoon.


We have had some pretty warm days here, but the animals are adapting.

I had to walk out and check on Paddy the other day.  I wasn’t sure if he was sleeping with the sheep, or if he was dead.

IMG_3891_1Just sleeping!

Henry was having a hard time getting comfortable, but finally found a position that worked.


I hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as we are!


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