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Well here it is again, the end of another year.

I am not making any “resolutions” but there is one thing I would like to accomplish this year.

Many years ago I attended a wedding where the bride was a very creative person.  She created beautiful stained glass pieces, and wove lovely blankets and towels.  At the wedding her friend sat down beside me and we had the following conversation.  Well, maybe conversation is stretching it a bit, it felt like more of an interrogation.

Do you weave? No. Do you knit? No. Do you sew? No. Are you into pottery? No. Do you do stained glass? No. Do you crochet? No.

Eventually she looked at me with sad eyes and said, “Well maybe someday you will find something you can do.”

I felt like such a failure.  I was not creative.

Since I moved to Morris Brook Farm, I have both the time and the opportunity to explore my creative side.  I am starting to wonder, though, if it actually exists.

I have four years worth of wool waiting for me, in the crawl space above my kitchen.


In four years I have made one (yes, only one) wool quilt.IMG_0001_10

I have been learning to spin for four years.


I have made one wool felt angel, and it looks like something a kindergarten child would make, only a lot more scary.


I have tried dying wool, but only once or twice.


I have dreamed about making wool felt purses, placemats, slippers, and lots of other things.  I am very good at planning and researching all sorts of creative projects, but I never follow through and do them.

So I am wondering…is creativity something you are born with, or can it be learned and developed?  Can you become creative?

I read a post the other day by a fellow blogger who wanted to be a faster reader.


After reading his post I realized why I am such a fast and prolific reader.  It is because I do it.  I read a lot and always have.  I have gotten very good at it, simply because I do it often.

That got me thinking.  Maybe I could get good at the creative things I want to do.  All I would have to do is actually do them.  I will never get good at spinning if I only do it for 15 minutes every couple of weeks.  Imagine how long it would take me to read a book if I read like that.  The same goes for felting, or dying wool.  Trying it once or twice a year will not produce anything, other than frustration (because I am not good at it) and disappointment (because it never turns out well).

So while I am not making any actual New Year’s resolutions, I am making a commitment to myself to do something with all this wool. A commitment to put the time in to learn whether creativity is something I have (or not) been born with, or something I can (or can’t) learn.

Creativity, is it nature or nurture?

If it is nurture, then by the end of the year I will have learned to spin, felt, quilt, and will have something to show for it.

If it is nature, then the bags of wool will be used for dog and cat bedding, and the spinning wheel will be on Kijiji.

Nature or nurture…what do you think?

Happy New Year everyone!


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