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Well, I was right.  Don’t you just love it when you can say that.  The snow has gone away, and today the sun came out and we all had an unexpected gift of a day.

The cows were soaking it up.


The sheep were out grazing again.


Emma relaxed in the unexpected warmth,


and Odin was back out on the grass trying (unsuccessfully) to keep his eyes open.


Howard found a special spot on an old black truck liner,


and Henry just sprawled out on the driveway.


I took advantage of the sun and warmth and got my hands into the dirt.  A week or so ago I bought some spring bulbs on sale, and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t get them planted this year.  They’re in now.


I also spent time in the garden (On November 23rd!) and got one bed all set up with hoops, ready for the spring.


We also enjoyed another long walk through the meadows,


and through the trees,


all on bare ground.

It was an unexpected, beautiful day.


A gift of a day.


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And Then It Arrived

I knew it was coming.  It was so enjoyable, the warm days, the long walks in the fields and bush, the feeling that maybe this would go on all winter.  I even put off rolling up the last hose, and picking up all those things I didn’t want buried until spring.  I was just enjoying the long fall so much, and then it arrived,


the first snowfall.

The cows were standing around the feeder looking kind of dejected.


It snowed hard all morning.


It started to look quite pretty.


Odin gave up his spot on the grass by the front gate and moved onto the deck.


He seemed quite pensive, watching the snow fall. Winter is his favorite time of year.

In the early afternoon, the snow quit and I had to sit down and watch the clouds. (Yes, I confess, sometimes I just sit and watch the clouds float by.)  They were very interesting today.  The clouds along the top of the mountain were moving to the east.  At the same time, the mist along the bottom of the mountain was moving to the west.  It was quite fascinating.

Want to see?

Eventually the sun came out and by the end of the afternoon the snow was dripping off the roof.  I don’t think it is here to stay yet.  There will be a few more walks on the bare ground.


It won’t be too long though, and it will be back.

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It is another beautiful November morning.


The fall has been very mild here this year, and the cows have been able to graze right up until the end of October.  A couple of days ago I started feeding them hay in the feeder.

Now twice a day, morning and evening, I walk down to the feeder where the cows wait expectantly.


Odin and Emma come along, and Emma always ask for a stick toss.  Her tail is always blurry because she never stops wagging it.


Jenny can’t wait for the hay, she starts her breakfast with a big drink of warm milk.


What a face, it’s not hard to tell she has enjoyed it.


The cows are quiet and patient, waiting for me to fork in the hay.  Birdie always makes sure she gets the first forkful. Maybe she is the taster, making sure it is okay for the rest.  I love the sound they make, contentedly munching away as I fill the feeder.


Then it’s back up to house where the dogs and cats wait at the gate.

Emma and Henry.


Odin and Howard.


It’s nice that each dog now has a feline friend.



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