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Weaning Jack

Do you remember this little fellow?


Sweet baby Jack is now almost ten months old.  He has grown so much it has become hard to tell him apart from his mother and his sister.


As big as he is, he is still drinking milk from Olivia.  Poor Olivia, pregnant with a new calf, but still feeding this big guy.

The time has come to wean Jack.  A few days ago I put the temporary fencing back up in the sheep pen.  Then I waited.  I watched and waited, watched and waited.

This morning I saw what I was waiting for.  Jack and Lily were at the water trough all alone.  The other cows were all down at the feeder.  I had a small window of opportunity.

I  quickly put on my coat and boots and headed out to the barn.  I grabbed an armful of hay and took it into the sheep pen.  I had to stop and give the sheep some before they would let me pass.

Lily saw the hay in my arms and immediately began to walk towards the pen.  Jack was a little slower to catch on but soon he followed Lily.  The two of them calmly walked into the pen and began to eat, just in time for me to close the gate before the other cows came running through.  They were not happy, not only did they not get to the hay, but Olivia was separated from her babies.  She spent a couple of hours hanging around, mooing gently.  Then she headed back down to the big hay feeder.

So Jack will no longer be drinking milk.  Lily will stay with him for company.  They seemed quite content in their own little pen.


They don’t have to fight the bigger cows for hay, and in a few weeks they will go back out in the big field.


Yes, Jack has grown in the last ten months, but his face is as cute as ever.


Don’t you just love his curly forelock?

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Adding Color

The winter months can be very colorless.  There is always lots of white and many shades of grey, but every now and then some color is added.  This morning was a perfect example.


The grey sky was accented with soft pink.

The chicks that hatched last summer are all grown up now.


They have started to lay and two of the hens are producing some very interesting eggs.

Look closely, tucked in behind the brown egg, can you see it?


Can you see that little  bit of color, of blue?


Isn’t that amazing?  Isn’t that pretty?  It almost looks like an easter basket.

There is quite a range of sizes too.


I have always enjoyed gathering the eggs every day, but adding color just makes it more fun!

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