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Dog Walks

The weather this fall has been wonderful!  No hard frosts, no snow, a bit of rain and a bit of sun.  Perfect for long walks with the dogs.

Odin is always up for a jaunt.


He loves to run and play and explore.  He also pays for it…after a long walk he is often sore and stiff.  It doesn’t last long though, and the next day he is ready to go again.

My friend Margret has two young dogs, Luna and Maggie.  They can always be found in the water.


Then there is Emma.  Dear Emma, with her long hair.  This time of year is particularly difficult for her, she picks up every burr, stick, and bramble she comes across.  Most times she can pull them out herself, but sometimes she needs help.  She will stop walking and wait for me to notice.

Yesterday on our walk, she ran in front of me and sat down.  Looking up at me…with her ears sticking straight out!

IMG_0001_2How on earth was she doing that?  Both ears…sticking straight out. A closer look explained everything.


There, across the top of her head, tangled in both ears was a prickly rose bramble.  That one took some time to unravel!

I love our daily dog walks!


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