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The chickens have been very busy this summer.  They spent their days eating, drinking, scratching in the dirt, chasing bugs and basking in the sun. They have grown up.


The roosters have been learning to crow…some more successfully than others.  Take a minute, close your eyes, and listen to my early morning wake up call.

Yesterday afternoon I went out to the chicken barn to do a little housekeeping.  I found something I was not expecting for at least another month or so.


What a surprise!  Who could have given me this unexpected gift?  Was it you?


That was not the only surprise.  This morning I made some toast, warmed the frying pan and dropped in the first egg.


A double-yolker!!! The hens are off to a great start.  Now I find myself going out to the hen-house, peeking in the door…is there another one yet?

Have a great day everyone!




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