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On Friday I head to Mexico for a big adventure.  A big adventure for me that is…I haven’t travelled internationally since 1987.  A long time ago.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

It is hard for me to leave the farm…Emma, the sheep, Olivia and Lily, the garden, the birds, the quiet, calm and peace, the daily routines.  It would be easy to just stay here all the time…but that would mean missing out on some wonderful opportunities.

Sister Mary is off to do a house sit on Isla Mujeres, a little island off of Cancun and  I am going with her for the first week.  I flip-flopped back and forth for several weeks…yes I am going, no I am not…until finally I realized if I didn’t go I would regret it.  Remember that old saying “It’s often not what you do that you regret, but what you don’t do”.

So I am off, but before I go here is a little update from the farm.

Lily is doing well, growing and getting more active every day.  Here she is caught napping.


She usually curls up in some bushes and can be very hard to find.

She gets lots of love and tongue washes from Olivia,


and she is very curious about everything and everyone.



The chicken coop is under way.


Soon it will be finished, and when I get back from my trip the chickens will arrive.

That is another adventure I am looking forward to.

Adios for now!





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Olivia and her new baby Lily are both doing well.  The first day Lily spent most of her time sleeping and didn’t venture very far.  Olivia and Birdie stayed close by.

Yesterday when I came home from town I met them on the driveway.

IMG_0001Today Lily is following (and often leading) Mom all over the field.  She has definitely found her land legs.


So here is a little video for you.  Meet Lily!

Have a great day!






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She’s Here!

Sitting on the deck drinking my first cup of coffee this morning and I realized that Birdie was grazing in the field but not Olivia.

Where is Olivia????

Quickly pulled my boots on and began to search the woods.

There she was…and she wasn’t alone.

IMG_0001A beautiful little girl, the spitting image of her mama.

She had given birth during the night, all on her own, no problems at all.

Olivia looks like she will be a wonderful mother.


Quietly talking to her little girl and giving her kisses on the ear.


Welcome to Morris Brook Farm little one!


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I have about one month to build a pen and barn for some chickens.

Today we received 26  Brown Leghorn chicks, 8 Heavy White turkeys and 11 Orlopp Bronze turkeys.


Brother Dan will raise them for the first month.  He is set up with a good barn, heat lamps and containers for water and feed.

Once they no longer need the heat lamps, and they are a little older, the chickens will be moving to Morris Brook Farm.


The turkeys will stay with Brother Dan.


Most of the chickens will go into the freezer once they are mature, but I plan to keep a few to supply us with eggs.

The farm is expanding…a new adventure!

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Oops…that should have read “My New Equipment”.

This amazing machine is not a toy.  It is a Yardworks Electric Tiller


My garden beds have sat all winter, the soil compacting with the heavy weight of the snow.  I was preparing to get the spade and garden fork out and begin to turn the soil.  My back, arms and legs were aching just thinking about it.

Then I found this on Kijiji.  Well to be honest, Brother Dan found it and sent me the ad. I made the call, drove to town, paid the man $60 and hauled it home. Good thing I have a truck.  When you start hauling farm equipment home, you need a truck.

The tiller fits the beds perfectly.  It is one foot wide and my beds are three feet wide.  The leaves me lots of room for turning.


I have to say there is a knack to operating a piece of equipment like this.  My first attempt resulted in a lot of bouncing around and a few wood chips flying from the bed frames.  Eventually I figured it out and the rest went smoothly.

IMG_0001_1Beautifully tilled soil just begging to be planted.

I even did the garden bed beside the house.


Two hours later and all the beds were dug.  No sore back, no aching legs or arms.

Work is so much easier and fun when you have the right toys.  Oops..that should have read equipment.

Just imagine what a tractor could do….



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Early this morning I was sitting in my chair, sipping my first cup of coffee when I heard a tapping at the door.  I looked up, and there tapping on the window of the front door was a hummingbird.  The first one of spring. I stood up and it flew away.  I received the message though…where is our feeder????

My first cup of coffee grew cold while I put the pot of water and sugar on the stove to boil, went out to the shed, found the  feeder,  and hung it back up on the deck.


It didn’t take long for the hummingbird to come back…sipping away at the feeder.  I tried to get a picture but it is still a little camera-shy.

Things are coming back in the gardens too, adding color to the landscape. There are daffodils and primula.


There are more daffodils.


Rhubarb…not ready to harvest yet but pretty soon!








tarragon…mmm can’t wait for fresh tarragon butter on veggies.


Peppermint…tea anyone?


The cherry tree survived its first winter…it is coming back,


and so is the lilac.


I saved the best for last…the spring weather also brought back that charming young man.



Don’t you just love it when things (and charming young men) come back!

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