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and they’ll come home…wagging their tails behind them.

The green grass is starting to appear in the fields and Callie and Cotton are tired of eating hay.  I like to let them out in the big fields, but I worry about coyotes.

The other day I had turned them out in the field, they had been grazing for maybe half an hour, when I spotted a coyote trotting across the field towards them.  I ran onto the deck yelling as loud as I could.  Big Sister Mary was here visiting and I asked her to come out and keep yelling while I got the gun.

One shot into the air was all it took and the coyote ran off into the bush.  The sheep had all flocked together and I decided that was enough grazing for that day.  It took me awhile to get them back into the small pen…they had not had enough green grass.  They were not happy with me!

I usually only leave them out for two or three hours, then play a game of offering them lettuce and carrots in an effort to entice them back to their pen.  Sometimes the lettuce and carrots work and sometimes they don’t…when it doesn’t we have a small rodeo.

Today I let them out and kept a close eye on them…watching for coyotes.


After several hours I offered them lettuce and carrots and they just turned up their noses and kept grazing.  Okay I thought, I will give them a little longer.  Several hours later I tried again…no luck.  They still had no interest in coming back in.

Fine I thought, at four o’clock I would entice them once more, and if they didn’t cooperate, the rodeo would begin.

Around three-thirty I was puttering in the yard when I heard Elliot call.  They must be getting close I thought.  I headed to the little pen to get the bowl of goodies and begin the enticement when to my surprise…there they were.


All safely back in the pen…they had come home on their own.

Their bellies were full of grass, they had found the bowl of lettuce and carrots, and they were the picture of contentment.


I even caught Elliot having a good yawn!

Maybe this is the beginning of a new routine…I put them out…they come in when they are full.  We will see what happens tomorrow!


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I slept longer than usual last night, and this is what I saw when I woke up.

IMG_0001_1Winter was back…or maybe  it was here again?

IMG_0001_2I must have slept through spring and missed summer completely.


Whatever happened, it is very pretty and won’t stay long.



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Elliot has become quite the little character.  He has learned that my presence often means a drink of milk.   I like to think he has learned his name…when I call him he often answers me and is usually the first one at the gate when I walk up.  When I am in the pen he hangs around and is always under foot.

If I am going to help him feed I go into the barn and he is right behind me.


Callie is being quite cooperative too…it helps that she always gets a little treat while Elliot is drinking.

Once he is finished drinking, he hangs around long enough for a little chat.


He has become quite independent.  The girls spend a lot of time playing. Elliot seldom joins  them…he is too busy eating hay.

I have started letting them out into the big field to graze a bit of fresh grass.  It is not an easy thing for me to do…I worry a lot and am always looking for them and checking to make sure they are all okay.  Every time gets a little easier though.

Out in the big field the girls spend their time running, jumping  and snooping around.


Where is Elliot?


Head down, busily filling his little belly.

After a couple of hours out in the big world, and after a bit of a game trying to round them up, back into the small pen, they are all tired, full and content. Elliot tucked up right in the middle of all the girls.


One big happy family!

Happy Easter from Morris Brook Farm.

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It has been a long winter. It seems like the snow was here forever, but it is mostly gone now.  There is just a little left on the northern slopes.

I have really enjoyed my daily walks the last couple of days.

We are walking on bare ground.


What a treat.  I even spotted the first buttercups.


Bare ground with flowers too.  The geese are here…waiting for the lake to open.


Julie and Elliot will be three weeks old  tomorrow.  Elliot is doing well.  Still needs a hand getting Mom to stand still and let him drink.  I noticed when he finishes drinking now, he goes and eats some hay.  He will not go hungry,  that boy.

Julie did not want her face photographed today, so here is a picture of Elliot and Julie’s back.

IMG_0001_3Here are Grace and Abbie.  They will be two weeks old in a couple of days.


They are all enjoying the sun and the bare ground too.  Spring really is here.




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Today Grace and Abbie ventured out into the big pen for the first time, followed closely by Cotton.

IMG_0001Callie and Cotton exchanged stories of motherhood.


Today was a very good day for Elliot.  Cotton was so overwhelmed at being outside again and showing off her babies to the world, she forgot that she only had two.    Elliot spotted that bag full of milk and figured “What are Aunts for if not the occasional meal?”


For most of the day Elliot enjoyed the feeling of being welcome at the dinner table.  No one pushing him away,telling him he didn’t belong.  He drank to his heart’s content.  I don’t think I have ever seen such a contented look on his little face, enjoying a rest in the sun with Julie.

IMG_0001_4Cotton was very contented too, outside again with her babies by her side.


There they all were…my flock.  Tripled is size in just 9 days.


Alas, by the end of the day Cotton had come to her senses and realized that the third baby did not belong to her.  Elliot is very persistent and devious though, so between sneaky drinks from Mom, and assistance from me, he’ll get by…with a little help from his Aunt.



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Grace and Abbie

Today is day two for the twin girls.  Grace and Abbie.  They are doing just fine.  I took a little video to share with you, so you can see for yourself.


Did you notice Cotton’s new hair do?  She had a busy day yesterday, giving birth to twins in the early morning and a visit from the Shearer in the afternoon.  Callie had a trim too…she looks so skinny now.  I am sure they both feel better though.


It is a beautiful sunny day today and Julie and Elliot had a nice warm nap.


I have tried get a video of them too, without success.  They have too much space to run and are just too fast for me.

Maybe tomorrow when the cousins join them outside.

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