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Well, it has happened.  The mushy, melting snow is here.  The road has little rivers, turning everything into mud.

IMG_0001_2My yard is starting to have bare patches.

IMG_0001_3The east facing garden bed is the first to completely thaw.

IMG_0001_4My green thumb is twitching but it is too early to even think about planting any seeds in there.  The pathway in front of the garden bed is pretty mucky too.  Yesterday Olivia decided she wanted to come into the yard and visit the sheep.  She made her way over the cattle guard (it was still plugged with snow) and traipsed around the house and was standing in front of the sheep gate.

A little bowl of grain was all it took to persuade her that she belonged out in the field.  Once the grain was gone, she was back at the gate, looking longingly into the yard again.

IMG_0001_1The thaw has melted a lot of the snow under the cattle guard, so now that the bars are visible again she should stay out.

I spotted these wispy grey clouds yesterday morning…they reminded me of a flock of big birds making their way across the sky.

IMG_0001Today has been a warm, sunny day with a strong wind.  So strong it brought my clothesline down…full of laundry.  If it had been yesterday, they would have landed in snow.  Clean white snow.  Today they landed in mud.

That’s just the way it is…it has to get worse before it gets better!






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The dogs and I have been enjoying some snowy walks before everything turns mushy and the mud arrives.

IMG_0001Spring is just around the corner…and so is the arrival of the lambs.  Callie is due in two weeks!  It was time to get the maternity ward ready.

Yesterday I went shopping at the hardware store and came out with a bunch of 1 x 6 boards and a bag of wood screws.  Next stop was Brother Dan’s. It didn’t take him long at all, with the right tools and the right skills I soon had 3 portable wood panels.

IMG_0001_1This morning Brother Tom and I cleaned out all the old straw and “other things” from the sheep barn and John Deere hauled it away.


A couple of nails, some binder twine, a bed of fresh straw and voila, the maternity ward was ready. Two tidy little pens for Callie and Cotton to share with their babies.

IMG_0001_3Doesn’t that look cozy?

IMG_0001_4The sheep wandered around and watched the whole procedure but didn’t get too close.  Curious Callie wondering what was going on in there?

IMG_0001_5Once it was finished I gathered up all the tools and equipment and headed out.  I turned around to lock the gate and there was Callie…doing the final inspection.


I hope it meets with her approval.

PS…remember Pritchard?

IMG_0001_1He decided that a harem of only two ewes was just not enough for him.  He asked me to find him a farm with more sheep and so that is what I did.  Callie and Cotton don’t seem to miss him at all. I hope he is happy in his new home!







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