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Guess what I woke up to this morning…



Last night I put Cotton in a pen for the night.  Just a feeling…

I checked her at 2 am. and she was sleeping peacefully.  She did it all by herself…although Callie was probably coaching from the next pen.  Thankfully Cotton didn’t listen to the part about only wanting one lamb.

She has bonded beautifully with both…two girls.

Happy Morning!

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The first few days of the twins life were spent in the cozy pen in the shed.  Warm,dry straw to sleep on, sheltered from wind and rain with Mom very close by.

Now they sleep inside at night but go outside during the day.  It was a big new world to explore, starting with stepping outside and meeting Auntie Cotton.


Elliot is the one with the little black dot on his neck.  He is smaller than Julie, but just as lively.

Then it was time to meet Odin,


and the cows.


They do everything together…where one goes, the other follows. The hay feeder was a big attraction too.


It didn’t take long for Julie to find a warm spot along the barn wall to have a nap.


Elliot was more interested in me.


He is very bright.  I am still holding Callie while he drinks.  He watches me when I enter the pen.  If I pick up the halter he comes running over and is drinking before I even have time to put it on Callie.

He has definitely figured it out! I am still hoping that eventually she may let him drink on her own, but I am not holding my breath.

Cotton is due on April 1st.  I wonder if she will be as punctual as Callie was.  We shall see…

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A Good Sign?

The twins are now three days old.  Callie is still not completely accepting Elliot, but I am seeing a few positive signs and feeling hopeful.

Elliot has been sleeping in his own little corner.


Julie sleeps in the opposite corner, with Mom keeping guard and making sure Elliot doesn’t get any ideas about cuddling.


A few minutes ago I went out to check on them and found Mom sleeping in one corner and the twins…


curled up together on the opposite side.  I am calling that progress!

I have been holding Callie still while Elliot drinks.  Getting her in a corner or against a wall, and leaning and holding her firm with my arms and shoulders.  I can do it, but I have to say she is pretty strong.  My arms and legs were getting weary and sore.

I called for advice and now I put a halter on her and tie her to the wall.  Apparently as long as she cannot move her head to sniff the lambs she will stand still.  It works…I don’t have to force her to stand still, just tie her up and Elliot runs right in and has a big feed.

That is a lot easier on my arms and legs!!!

I think it might be working too.  Once I release her and he stops drinking, she sniffs him but doesn’t push him away.  At least not right away.

So…keep your fingers crossed.  Callie will bond with Elliot soon, I am counting on it.

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Callie was due today and did she ever deliver.  Twins… a little girl born at 7:15 am, and  a little boy born at 8:30 am.

IMG_0001_2croppedThe births went quickly and without difficulty.  Callie did all the work with no help from anyone.  Cotton was standing by for encouragement.

It took some time to get them to drink…Callie was so busy cleaning them up.  Eventually with a little help, they both did drink.  Callie is not too impressed with the wee fella. There he is standing at the back.


She pushes him around and doesn’t seem attached to him, although if I hold him up to her she does stand still and let him drink.  So that is what I am doing for now…going out every couple of hours and making sure he has a drink.

On the other hand…Callie is very attached to the little girl.  She is very attentive to her, always checking to see where she is. She is drinking on her own with no problems.

IMG_0001_1There she is getting ready for a nap.

It is hard to get good pictures in the barn with all the yellow walls and yellow straw.  I will take more tomorrow.  Hopefully the sun will be shining and they can go outside for a while.  We shall see…

What a day!  The hardest part was not knowing what to expect or what to do.  When to step in and give a helping hand and when to let them figure it out themselves.  So far, so good.  They are both alive and drinking.  Hopefully Callie will be more accepting of her son in the days to come.

Oh and their names…today is the birthday of a long time friend of mine.  So in honour of that they will be called Julie and Elliot.



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I think it is a strength to be able to evaluate a situation or opportunity and make a decision.  I also think it is a strength to recognize when you have made the wrong decision, or when the decision you made doesn’t make sense any more.

There were two mind changes acted on today.

The first was a change of mind by Mother Nature.

The morning dawned beautifully…another spring day on its way.


Notice the bare yard…remember the last post about the arrival of spring?

A couple of hours later, she changed her mind.  It was not time for spring yet…a winter snowstorm was much more appropriate at this time.  The yard looked a little different after that…

IMG_0001_1Another two inches of snow…just a reminder that no matter what I think…Mother Nature will decide when it’s spring.

The second change of mind was mine.  A couple of years ago I decided I needed to have a quad and so  I bought one from Brother Tom.

IMG_0001It was a good decision at the time.  I have had some fun times with it.  Today I changed my mind and sold it back.


I just don’t use it often enough to justify having it sitting in my garage.  It too was a good decision. I am thinking about something else now…maybe a tractor!

This morning when I went out to do the chores I found the following.


Four first-time, expectant,  mothers to be gathered in the corner of the pen.  Wonder what they were discussing?

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Yes, the spring thaw is here.

The dirt patches are getting bigger and the snow patches are retreating.

IMG_0001The red wing blackbirds are back at the feeder.  I think they are my favorite bird…I just love the sound of their songs. The Christmas Tree has fallen over…there isn’t enough snow to keep it upright anymore.

IMG_0001_1The garden beds are starting to take shape again, and I even saw some strawberry plants appearing out of the snow.

IMG_0001_4The sheep pen has dried up enough to do some spring cleaning. It will be nice to get that all cleaned up before the lambs arrive.  Only eight more days to Callie’s due date.


And if that isn’t enough to convince you that spring is here…I even spotted a couple of daffodils bravely sticking their heads up out of the dirt.

IMG_0001_3It’s really happening…spring!






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March 10th today, which means that one week from now will be March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.  Always a perfect night to enjoy a cup of Scalteen.  Ah…I can hear you asking “Scalteen…what is Scalteen?”

Well, let me tell you, and show you.

It all begins with some Irish Whiskey…

IMG_0001_5Well, actually it starts with milk, but the key ingredient is the whiskey.


In a sauce pan, heat  a cup of milk over medium low heat, stirring occasionally until bubbles start to form around the edge of the pan.

Stir in a teaspoon or so of honey and a little dab of butter until the butter melts. Remove from the heat and add 2 tablespoons or so of Irish Whiskey.

Sprinkle with fresh ground nutmeg.


I was going to add a picture of the full mug looking so creamy and delicious…but I started to drink it and forgot all about the picture.  So here is a picture of all the ingredients together instead.

IMG_0001_8Then  I got thinking…I could make another one and take a picture of that.  Good sense prevailed and I limited myself to one…after all tonight is just the dress rehearsal for St. Patrick’s Day.

There you have it…the perfect Irish nightcap!  Scalteen.

This is what the dogs got up to today…squirrel hunting in the rafters of the pole shed.

IMG_0001Silly critters…as if the squirrel is going to come back with them up there.

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