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Catching Up

January was a month for dreaming…thinking of things I would like to do in the months and years ahead.  If I’m spared, that is…an old saying of my Dad’s.

February has been a month of doing, so far at least.

We have had a mix of weather, beautiful sunny days and some cloudy, snowy days too.  I managed to get back on my cross-country skis a few times on the sunny days, and it was spectacular.  The sunny days, that is, not my skiing.

IMG_0001The full moon on the 14th was something to see too.

IMG_0001_1The traditional Valentine’s Cookies were made with the help of Niece Val and her boys.  Hunter enjoyed sprinkling the coconut on top of the icing.

IMG_0001_13Grayson enjoyed sampling…his expression says it all.

IMG_0001_11They both deserved a treat and a rest after all their help.

IMG_0001_10In early December I splurged and treated myself to a wool drum carder.

IMG_0001_2In January I dreamed about carding wool, and in February I actually started doing it.

The wool is fed in from the left…

IMG_0001_3and is carded onto the big roller until it is full.

IMG_0001_4The wool is removed from the big roller…

IMG_0001_6and ta da! a nice wool bat is the result.  Do a few of these and they start to stack up…ready for spinning or quilting.


I have also been keeping an eye on the sheep.  The past few months they just seem to be really woolly, but the other day when I went out and saw them napping on the ground I burst out laughing.  That is definitely not just wool!



There must be a baby lamb in there…or maybe even two?

IMG_0001_9I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well.











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