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More January Dreaming

If you thought the idea of me milking Olivia was crazy, what do you think about this?

Sheep sledding

Can’t you just see Callie all dolled up and pulling a little sled?

Hmmmm…maybe next winter.

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“There are two seasonal diversions that can ease the bite of any winter.  One is the January thaw. The other is the seed catalogs.”  (Hal Borland, American writer)

We had our January thaw a couple of weeks ago…water dripping everywhere, sitting out on the deck in the sunshine.  That is over now and it has left us with icy paths everywhere.

The seed catalogs have arrived.



I sit and flip through the pages and my mind whirls with possibilities,  I have visions of luscious vegetables and beautiful flowers growing in abundance.  Then I look out the window…

IMG_0001_1and realize my garden is still sleeping.  It will be awhile before my visions materialize.

I look at these three and hope they will be parents this spring.



If my calculations are correct, and if everything goes as planned (and dreamed) Callie should lamb around March 22nd and Cotton around April 1st.  Their wool is so long and thick it is hard to tell if they have baby bellies.

IMG_0001_4Then we have Olivia.  I am expecting a calf from her around the middle of May.  Olivia has always had a big belly, a result of bottle feeding, but it seems even bigger now.



It may not be obvious when she is lying down but look at this profile!

IMG_0001_2I do believe there is a calf in there.

Lately I have been thinking about another dream of mine.  The first 10 years of my life were spent on a hobby farm, and one of the animals we had was Bessie, a milk cow.  We moved before I had the opportunity to learn how to milk Bessie.  If I remember right, that was always Brother Dan’s job.  I have dreamed for a long time about having a cow and having milk to drink, and to make butter and yogurt.

I know Olivia is not a “milk” cow…but good grief she is a cow, and once she has her calf she will have milk.  I have been doing some research and yesterday I read a post from one of the bloggers I follow.


The post was about the possibility of milking a beef cow, and also the possibility of sharing the milk with the calf.

The light bulb in my mind lit up!!!  Maybe I could do the same with Olivia.  So my dream is that once Olivia has her calf, I will try milking her once a day and let the calf have the rest.  Olivia is quite calm and used to me handling her so this might be possible.

Sound crazy?  Maybe…but hey, isn’t that what January dreaming is all about?






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We have had a bit of fog and mist here the past couple of days.  Normally I don’t like fog…it’s kind of spooky and I hate to drive in it.  Today on our daily walk I experienced the positive side of fog.  The beautiful art that was created in the trees.

IMG_0001Beautiful and a little spooky too…kind of like frozen witch’s locks.

IMG_0001_1Everything was black and white, even the dogs.


In some spots the ice on the trees was so thick I couldn’t see through to the branches.



It reminded me of the fake white trees you see in stores at Christmas.

IMG_0001_5A really beautiful walk in a colourless world,




we came across the remains of a squirrel’s picnic, putting some colour back into the world.





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My friend Margret has two dogs, Mollie and Rocky.  You may remember the post I did awhile back of how they sit and wait for her when she is away.

IMG_0001Rocky and Mollie are frequent visitors to Morris Brook Farm.  They regularly join us on our walks and have even stayed over several times when Margret was away.

IMG_0001_5Rocky died yesterday…at home, surrounded by familiar things.  A couple of months ago he had been diagnosed with an invasive cancer.  He has spent the past two months doing what he always did…following Margret’s footsteps and patiently waiting if she was away.  He is buried on Morris Brook Farm where he spent many happy hours with his friends Odin and Emma.

Rocky was a good dog.  A gentle giant who liked nothing better than long walks and long naps.

IMG_0001Rest in peace Rocky…you will be missed.

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I Had A Date!

Last night my phone rang and by the end of the call I had a date.

It was for today, and I headed out this morning to spend 5 hours alone with a charming young man. I had high hopes but you just never know with first dates…

He has a lot of cars and we went driving.

IMG_0001He has a lot of books, and was able to indulge my love of reading.

IMG_0001_1We didn’t spend all of our time indoors.  It had snowed over night and he asked me to help him shovel his sidewalk.

IMG_0001_2Then we went for a stroll around the neighbourhood.

IMG_0001_3It was a lovely day and a perfect first date. I think he enjoyed himself too.

IMG_0001_4I hope he calls again…







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It was a year ago that Morris Brook Farm was visited by the Snow Sprite.  What a delight to see her show up again.  She is a little bigger, a bit more talkative and full of more energy than ever. Her days here were filled with activity…there was no holding her back.

It started with riding the sled down the hills and progressed to being pulled by the sled dog Odin.

IMG_0001There were a lot of icicles that needed to be harvested and consumed.

IMG_0001_1A snow cake was made and presented to Grandma…stick candle included.

IMG_0001_2A snowmobile ride with Uncle Dan.

IMG_0001_3Hunting for mice in the snow with Odin.

IMG_0001_4Ice fishing with Uncle Tom.

IMG_0001Taking a break with the dogs from ice-fishing.  Sitting still staring at the red bobber was hard for a four-year old.

IMG_0001_1Hauling the fishing equipment back home.

IMG_0001_2Rescuing Grandma and Aunty June from a long walk home from ice fishing.  A ride is always appreciated!

IMG_0001_3Sometimes it takes a child to show you how to have fun again…this was a fun-filled four days.

I hope she comes back again…










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