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I do know that winter is not the time to write a post about boats, but there are quite a few of them up here.  All year long they come and they go, they come and they go, and they come and they go.  You never know from one day to the next just how many boats there might be.

All the boats belong to Brother Tom.

Today there is the big canoe.

IMG_0001A nice fishing boat waiting for spring,

IMG_0001_1and a big river boat waiting for summer.

IMG_0001_2I am sure if I walked around a bit longer I would come across more boats, tucked away for the winter.

I have often wondered just what it is he sees in all these different boats.  Why is he so enthralled with boats?

Winter is not the season for boats, but it is the season for indoor projects like sorting out old family photos.  That is what I was working on this morning.  I came across a photo of a boat…and that is when I knew.  I just knew where this attachment to boats came from.



There it was…the original boat.  Hand built by Brother Dan when they were both very young.  Who else would he take with him on the maiden voyage down the Sumas Canal but little Brother Tom.  (Notice the nice invisible life jackets they had back then.) I wonder if he knew what he was starting?  Did he realize that 40 some years later Brother Tom would still be searching for a special boat of his own?

Brother Dan…maybe you need to build him his own boat…that might end the search for the “perfect” boat!




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A cold night and morning here at Morris Brook Farm.

IMG_0001Yes that is correct…-22.

There is always a positive side to the cold weather…beautiful, brilliant sunshine, reflecting off the crisp snow.

IMG_0001_1The critters huddled around the hay feeder.  The boys side by side…

IMG_0001_2Olivia with a hay necklace from sticking her head so far down into the feeder.

IMG_0001_3Birdie and other girls happily munching away on the other side.

IMG_0001_4I had to break 4 inches of ice off the water trough.

Today will definitely be an “at home” day.  Keeping the fires burning and the water thawed.

Sure is beautiful out!

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Keeping Watch

I don’t know if it is the full moon or the winter conditions, but we are being bothered by coyotes.  Every night, they come around.  Howling, prowling, and driving Odin crazy.

During the night he is inside the yard, and the coyotes seem to know he can’t get to them.  I go out on the deck and sometimes the glow of my white house coat seems to scare them away.  Other times the only thing that works is to fire a shot over their heads.  That sends them running from the field.

During the day, I often let Odin out into the field.  He paces and traces their night-time paths.  Once he is satisfied that they are nowhere near, he settles in near the flerd.


Keeping watch.

Today marks the third anniversary of the passing of our dear Mother and Grandmother. We miss her…and I like to think that somewhere, somehow, she is still with us.

Copy of Mom

Keeping watch.

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Well no new big snowfalls, but every night the sky drops another inch or so, just to freshen things up.

On our walk yesterday I noticed that the snow had caught the trees by surprise too.  They hadn’t even finished dropping their leaves.



Walking through the snow without a trail to follow is a lot of work, so we headed back to the road.



We followed the road for a while until we came to the gate to the big meadow.  Someone had driven through the gate and across the meadow, probably the cowboys looking for stray cows.  It was a bonus for us…more trails to follow!

IMG_0001_1We followed the trail through the meadow and around the lake,



and back home again.



The shock of the snowfall has worn off, I have found my winter boots, hats and mittens, and on our walk yesterday I realized…I am living in a Christmas card.


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Happy Trails!

It finally stopped snowing yesterday.  I took the dogs for a walk down the road where there were tracks made by the occasional truck.

IMG_0001The snow hung heavy on the trees.

IMG_0001_1It even brought  some of the smaller trees to their knees.  I knocked the snow off where-ever I could and watched the trees bounce back up to their usual height.  I swear they were thanking me.

IMG_0001_2My driveway didn’t look like a driveway, just a few trails the dogs and I had made by foot.

IMG_0001_3I mentioned to Brother Dan that I was going to have to walk back and forth through the field to check on Brother Tom’s place. (He is away working). Brother Dan said “Why don’t you ride your quad and make trails to walk on?”  That had never occurred to me.  I guess I thought I might get stuck but he assured me I wouldn’t.

So…I went out and climbed on good old Ruby and we headed out through the gate and down the driveway.  I made a few passes up and down the driveway, then around the field, then across the field over to Brother Toms, then around his field and so on and so on.  The dogs ran behind me, happy to have trails to run on.


What started out as a chore…make trails to walk on, turned into fun.  The snow was soft to ride on and if I went a little fast when I turned a corner I slid a bit! Yahoo!!!

I noticed by the footprints that even the cows had been trying out the new trails.


The past few days all they did was go back and forth between the hay feeder, the water trough and the trees where they sleep.

After their romp on the trails they were ready for a snack.


Odin was tired out too…he has discovered the couch on the deck.

IMG_0001_8I tucked Ruby away for the night.

IMG_0001_7Now as I sit by the window, writing this post, the snow is falling again.  Guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow.

Happy Trails!

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It’s Not Stopping!

The snow yesterday morning was a beautiful, pleasant surprise.  It hasn’t stopped yet!  I really should pay more attention to weather forecasts because this snowfall has caught me completely off guard.

I was not prepared.  I wasn’t finished working in the garden…I might have to use the quad to pull the wheelbarrow out.

IMG_0001_7The “patio” furniture hasn’t been covered and protected for the winter.



Olivia slowly made her way through the snow,



joining the others at the breakfast buffet.

IMG_0001_1The sheep were happy to stay in their pen today.

IMG_0001_2Odin was in his element, trying to provoke Emma into playing.

IMG_0001_4I haven’t found my winter boots yet.  Trudging around in gum boots is both slippery and cold. It was very windy last night too, and the wind has whipped the snow around the corner of the house into a big drift.  It’s not easy to photograph…hope you can see it.


As unprepared as I am, it is still beautiful.


A completely different scene compared to the blue, sunny skies of a few days ago.

IMG_0001_6First job of the day…finding my boots!







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First Snow!

Good Morning!

I can’t make a move outside my house without alerting the dogs.  There is a front door dog…Odin.

IMG_0001There is a back door dog…Emma.

IMG_0001_1This morning while I was busy inside…something happened outside.

IMG_0001The rain that had been falling all night turned into snow.

IMG_0001_1It was quite beautiful.  It is very mild out though so it won’t last long.  A nice introduction to winter.  I don’t think I told you that a couple of weeks ago I managed to get a complete set of cross-country skis, boots and poles at a ski swap.  So I am ready for the snow.

I went out onto the front deck to take these pictures and I left the door open.  When I came back into the house look what I found.


Odin likes to come in but never stays long.  It is just too warm in here for him.  He loves the snow!






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