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A Beautiful Day

Emma and I have been walking a different trail lately.

IMG_0001This one has a lot more ups and downs…seems like more ups than downs.  The rewarding thing about walks that include ups is they usually come with a view.


We have bought a new hay feeder for the cattle.  This one holds big round bales and will make it easier to feed the cattle for the winter.  John Deere delivered it this morning.



Cattle are such curious creatures…they all stood around and watched while Brother Tom installed the feeder.  I could hear them muttering “How long is it going to take him to put it together?  I sure hope he’s planning to fill it up…not much grass to eat around here any more.”


Today was also a day for moving stock.  The cowboys showed up to start moving the range cattle down for the winter.  It was time for Bubba the bull to vacate Morris Brook farm.  Brother Tom and I managed to get him off into a separate field from our cattle before the cowboys arrived.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when the cowboy entered the field on his mighty steed.  How times have changed!

IMG_0001_4It was reassuring to see that the trusty cattle dog was still part of the picture…it wouldn’t have worked without her.

IMG_0001_5I also moved the sheep out of the small pen, where they have been getting acquainted, into the larger field with the cattle.  Callie and Cotton were very happy to get out again, and after a small hesitation, Pritchard joined them.

IMG_0001_8He even joined the cattle at the new feeder.

IMG_0001_6and waited his turn at the water trough.

IMG_0001_7It was nice to see all the animals together again.



It was quiet and peaceful, a beautiful day.








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He’s Here

My how time flies…where did September go?  I do know it was beautiful…


with lots of long walks with Emma along leaf strewn paths.


Do you remember my post about finding a boyfriend for Callie and Cotton?  Well he is here. Yesterday we picked him up and brought him home.  I had left the girls in the small pen close to the house. We opened the gate and unloaded the new fellow and a great race ensued…round and round they ran.

IMG_0001When he ran…they ran.  When he stopped…they stopped.

IMG_0001_1Olivia came over immediately to see what was up.  Olivia and the new fellow had a little chat, I think Olivia was laying out a few rules.


Once their chat was over, the girls ran over to find out what Olivia knew about the male intrusion into their safe domain.

IMG_0001_4Their behaviour seemed to say “We’ve changed our mind.  We don’t want a boyfriend.  This is our home.  We don’t need him here.  We were doing fine on our own.  Take him away!”

He didn’t seem concerned.

IMG_0001_5“Nice digs you have here girls.  Why don’t you come over and show me around?”

It didn’t take long before the whole herd was gathered…checking out the new guy.

IMG_0001_8He was not intimidated.  He had discovered the hay feeder, and made himself right at home.

IMG_0001_7The rest of the day was spent with a lot of careful circling.  Callie and Cotton weren’t letting him get too close.  They need more time to get to know him.

His name?  Well I had many names suggested, I thought of many names myself and nothing really seemed to fit.  Lots of good names, just nothing that seemed to say…yes…that is his name.

So we headed off to pick him up yesterday…still nameless.  Driving along the quiet country road we came to a sign announcing the community he came from.

“Welcome to Pritchard.”

The light bulb in my mind lit up and I knew.  He was Pritchard.

Sounds like Richard…Pritchard.  And when he is well-behaved and getting along with everyone…that’s who he will be. Pritchard.  And if he acts up and creates havoc on Morris Brook Farm…well then I might have to abbreviate his name a bit…you know…Richard becomes Rick, and Pritchard becomes…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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