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Break In

Every evening the sheep slowly make their way home before dark and spend the night tucked up in their pen behind the house.  Every morning, I pour my first cup of coffee, and Emma and I go out and walk the sheep out to meet up with the cows for the day.



We usually find them grazing peacefully…something like this.



This morning when I looked out the window to see where the cows where I was amazed at how big the calves had gotten.  Then I looked again and realized they were not our calves!  We had had a break in.

I forgot all about the coffee and the sheep and jumped on the quad to find out what had happened.  I rode to the cows and found our herd mingling with many other black beauties from the neighbouring field.  It was obvious what had happened.  Benya had been flirting with a bull across the fence, and at some point during the night, the bull accepted her invitation.  There was no way in but through the fence and that’s just what he did…and he invited many of his friends along.

I would show you a picture of what the fence looked like but I was more concerned about closing that 30 foot gaping hole before our cows decided to head out and explore, than I was with taking pictures.

I was able to lure everyone back to the other field with a bucket of grain and close the gate behind them.  That kept them secure until the fence was fixed.  Brother Dan rode up in his trusty old blue chev and before I knew it the fence was back in one piece.  I think I know how to use the fencing tools now too…for next time.  I’m sure there will be a next time.

Every so often when I walk the dogs we walk the fence-line to make sure everything is secure.  Wouldn’t you know it…we walked the fence-line yesterday afternoon.

IMG_0001_2Everything was fine…but today we have 12 unexpected guests including Benya’s boyfriend.



They seem to have settled in and over the next days…weeks…whatever it takes, we will try to get them back where they belong.

Poor Odin…he keeps such good track of his cows…goes around counting them every morning and night.  He was overwhelmed today!



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And Then There Were Two

I have been meaning to show you the latest addition for some time now…but she is a little camera-shy.


Now that she is a little older she is getting used to seeing me around.  She sticks pretty close to Sir Buckingham, and all the cows seem to take turns keeping an eye on the little ones.


Odin has included them in his daily cow and sheep count, and they have accepted his presence too.  He is quite gentle around them,..



except when they jump and run, then he thinks it is playtime and we have to remind him to be gentle.



Her name is Bella.

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Remember this…

IMG_0001_2The big pile of logs the Brothers delivered.  I told you I had something special to help me deal with these logs.  The first step was to get them cut up into manageable pieces…which I did with the help of an ambitious young man looking to earn a few extra dollars.  I am not quite ready to start using a chain saw yet.  Maybe next year…anyway he sawed them up and dumped them in my shed.

IMG_0001Now let me introduce you to King…my new best friend.

IMG_0001_1A 5 Ton 20 inch log splitter.  What a machine!

IMG_0001_2It’s not very big as you can see.  It sits nicely on my old dining room table and once I plug it in we are ready to work.  What a team we make, King and I.  It only takes an hour and a half to turn the pile of logs into this.

IMG_0001_3I don’t even have to break a sweat.  Just place the log, turn King on and away he goes.  Split…split…split.  Another hour of working on my own while King rests and the job is complete.

IMG_0001_4A few more days like this and I will have my firewood ready for winter. Having the right tools sure makes the job a lot easier!







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