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It’s almost August and I thought it was time you saw what my gardens look  like.  The flower bed on the east side of the house is doing very well.

IMG_0001There are a lot of flowers I can not identify…I planted wildflower seeds.  I do recognize Bachelor Buttons though, and this morning there was a beautiful pink poppy.

IMG_0001_1The hollyhock is blooming too…another beautiful pink.

IMG_0001_2In the garden there is bee balm and lavender…


IMG_0001_3and beautiful red poppies growing amongst the rose-bush.

IMG_0001_4Looks pretty nice doesn’t it…what I haven’t shown you is the hay-field it is growing in.

Two years ago, my “garden” was part of a hayfield.  The hayfield is not giving up without a fight.  I have to scratch out my garden inch by inch…pulling grass, weeds and wild-flowers that have been growing here long before I arrived.

At times I get discouraged…this sure doesn’t look like any garden I have ever had before. It would be easy to just give up and let the hayfield win.

IMG_0001_5Calvin Coolidge said it best…

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. ”

So I will  “Press On” and continue pulling weeds…a little bit every day. Some day…or more likely…some year, this garden will look like the vision I have in my mind.  Not weed free…that has never been any garden of mine…but maybe not a hay-field.

What is happening in your life that only persistence will solve?

PS…Happy Birthday to Big Sister Mary!



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He Has a Name!

Well it’s official…the little prince of Morris Brook Farm has a name.

It is only right that since he shares a birthday with little Prince George, he too should have a regal name.  It is also a tradition here that the name of a new baby always starts with the same initial as it’s Mother.  So since Brandy is his Mother, his name must begin with a B.

So this little fellow will be known as Sir Buckingham…Buck to his family and friends.

Little Buck has settled in here quiet well, hanging out with his family and friends.

IMG_0001_1Never far from his Mother’s side.

IMG_0001Little Buck’s future is predestined too…just like Prince George’s.  Prince George is third in line for the throne of England.

Sir Buckingham is second in line, after his big brother, for the throne of the cold country of Kenmore.  That is a long time away though…and for now he will enjoy frolicking and grazing in the green grass of Morris Brook Farm.



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It’s a Boy!

Yesterday was an exciting day!  We knew the baby was due in July, but no one knew the exact date.  There is nothing like waiting for a baby to be born.

As July went by everyone started to pay more attention to the mother, watching closely for any sign that the birth was near.  Once those tell-tale signs were seen we began to hang around, waiting and watching, speculating on whether it will be a long labour, will it be a boy or a girl.

The papparrazi were there too…prowling around with cameras in their hands, trying to get as close as possible without being driven away.

Well we didn’t have to wait too long.  Just before 9:00 pm with the full moon peaking over the mountain it happened.

Morris Brook Farm is pleased to announce that Brandy was safely delivered of a beautiful baby boy.


Mother and baby spent some time getting to know one another.


It didn’t take long before the other family members arrived to welcome the little one.


Once we knew everything was well we left them to spend the first night under the big full moon.

Early this morning I walked out and found Mother and Baby relaxing together.



Callie and Cotton had to come and meet him too.



Look…he can stand already!



Not for too long though…time for another nap.



Name to be announced in the next few days.


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Gathering Acorns

It’s that time of year…time to start thinking about winter coming.  Time to start gathering acorns.

In order to be prepared for winter there are two things that need to be done in the summer.  At least two…there are probably more but these two are very important.

My cabin is heated by wood, so if I want to keep warm this winter I need to have a good supply on hand. When I came home the other day I found this sitting out in my field.


I asked Brother Tom how that happened .

He replied with pictures…Brother Tom and John Deere loading the truck.



Brother Dan dumping the logs in the field.



So there you have it…sounds easy doesn’t it but I know it is a lot of work.  I will keep you posted on the next steps…cutting the logs into the right lengths, splitting the logs ( wait till you see what I have to do that!) and then stacking the pieces in the  wood shed.

Olivia, Callie and Cotton are enjoying grazing the green grass,  but once winter comes and the fields are covered in snow they will enjoy eating the sweet-smelling hay.  This afternoon I heard the sound of John Deere so I walked out to the new seeding to see what was going on.


There they were, going round and round, cutting all that beautiful grass.



A couple of days of hot weather, some raking, some baling, and “Voila! ” there is hay for the winter.

Again, it sounds so easy…

I am fortunate to have Brother Tom and Brother Dan living nearby…helping me gather acorns!












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A Wonderful Day

In Brother Tom’s field, near the road, sits an old tractor and hay rake.  It sits up on a little knoll and makes a great picture.  I can’t tell you how many times cars and trucks have driven by, only to stop, back up and park.  Someone climbs out with their camera in hand and starts shooting pictures.

Winter, spring, summer or fall…the old tractor poses all alone.

I too have taken many pictures of this old tractor, but today was special.  I was heading out to watch my niece barrel race and when I drove past the tractor I became one of those people who suddenly brakes, backs up, and grabs the camera.

The tractor was not alone today…

IMG_0001Beautiful! A wonderful start to a wonderful day.

Then it was off to the rodeo grounds where I met up with two very charming young men.

IMG_0001_1Great nephews…in more ways than one.  So well behaved while Mom was racing the barrels.

IMG_0001_2Two rounds of the barrels and then it was time for the boys ride.

IMG_0001_3They didn’t have to be asked twice and they even know where to hold on.

IMG_0001_4The legs are still a little short but they sure have the right idea.

Sometimes it seems easier to just stay home doing chores and puttering…but if you make the effort to get out there, there sure is a lot to see and do.

A wonderful day!


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Good Morning!

Brother Tom sent this picture over last night and I just had to share it with you.

The caption read “I saw this spaceship over your house last night.  Hope none of the cows are missing.  Could have been the whiskey…could have been the gin…”.

SpaceshipWe have talked in the past, Brother Tom and I, that clouds like this are really just cover for the spaceships.

What do you think?


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My last post was about Olivia’s bad behaviour…dancing and chasing me around.  It has been so long since I posted you might be thinking that she finally caught me.

That is not the case…there was a solution to my problem.  Summer guests!  The flerd has grown…let me introduce you.

The grand matriarch is Brandy…excuse her big belly, she is expecting any day now.

IMG_0001Benya is Brandy’s daughter and she too is expecting in the next couple of weeks.

IMG_0001_1Looks like her Mom doesn’t she.  Bailey is Brandy’s youngest daughter, and Benya’s half-sister.


Bailey has lovely long horns.  They can look kind of scary when she is walking towards you but she is quite gentle.

Now we come to the next generation…this charming fella is Brandy’s youngest son, and Benya and Bailey’s half-brother.  He will remain nameless since he will be moving to a cooler environment this fall.

IMG_0001_3Last but not least is lovely Birdie.  Birdie is Benya’s daughter, Brandy’s granddaughter, and Bailey and the charming fella’s niece.



They are all up visiting for the summer and have welcomed Olivia like an adopted member of the family.  She plays with Birdie and the charming fella, is frowned at and pushed around by Aunty Bailey and watched over by Aunty Benya and Grandma Brandy.  They even include Callie and Cotton, although the sheep still insist on coming back to the barn for the night.  Olivia now sleeps out in the fields and forests with the rest of the flerd.

One big happy family!

IMG_0001_8My problem is solved…Olivia is now more interested in her new family than dancing with me.  She is still friendly and affectionate, and likes to have her head and back scratched, but she plays with Birdie and the charming fella.

I guess it has nothing to do with training…it’s all about providing the right environment.





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