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You just never know what the day will bring.  My plan for today was to visit with family in the morning and then drive Ruby (the quad) over to visit my friends Scott and Julia for the afternoon.  So far, when I ride Ruby over, Emma stays home.  I haven’t taught her how to sit with me and ride along yet  I always feel bad, leaving her at home when I go, because Julia and I usually take her dogs for a walk through the fields and forests.

Today I thought there must be a way to take Emma with me.  I remembered that I had an old kennel in the storage van and when I checked it out I knew it would work.  I strapped it on to the back of the quad, added a couple of old blankets for padding and offered Emma a ride.

IMG_0001Emma didn’t hesitate…she hopped into the kennel, turned around a couple of times, and looked at me as if to say “Let’s go!”

IMG_0001_1We headed off for the eight kilometre ride down the muddy back road.  I took my time, thinking it might be upsetting for Emma, but when I turned and looked into the kennel, she was lying down enjoying the view.

We had a great walk with Julia and her dogs and also met Nick from New Zealand.  Nick is a friend of their’s who was over visiting.  He asked about my farm and when I explained that I only had one cow and two sheep the next thing he said was “Who shears your sheep?”  I told him that I was hoping to tag along when some friends had their sheep sheared.

Well it turned out that Nick was a sheep shearer…and he had his tools with him.  It didn’t take long after a cup of tea for the idea to come up of going and shearing my sheep.  And that is just what we did…

It took minutes after we arrived back at the farm for Nick to set up his equipment.  We caught the sheep and so it began…

IMG_0001_2Tucked between his legs, on their back, they were as docile as could be.

IMG_0001_4It was as if he was removing a big coat…which I guess he was.

IMG_0001_10Before I knew it…the fleece was off.

IMG_0001_6Callie’s collar went back on…a lot looser now, and she trotted off as if nothing had happened.

IMG_0001_7Olivia wasn’t quite sure what to make of these “new” companions.  They smelled like her old friends, but they sure looked different.

IMG_0001_8After the haircuts were over, I rewarded them all with some grain.  Callie and Cotton were very grateful, but Olivia still wasn’t sure she wanted to eat with these new creatures.

IMG_0001_9I am so happy that the sheep are sheared. I didn’t even have to haul them off the farm to do it, and I now have two stuffed bags full of beautiful wool.  It was so unexpected…you just never know what the day will bring.

Many thanks to Nick, the New Zealand sheep shearer!!









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