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What have you done for pure fun lately?

If has been cold up here, -20 in the morning and rising to -12 during the day.  The cold has brought the sun with it and it is beautiful.  Yesterday afternoon, Brother Tom and I rode skidoos over to our neighbour’s place.

I haven’t driven a skidoo since I was a teenager…but it all came back quite quickly.  I put on my most fashionable snow attire, jumped on, and away we went. After riding for a bit we stopped for a photo-op.

IMG_0001When it was time to carry on, my sled refused to start.  Not a problem for Brother Tom.  First came the examination of the motor, quickly followed by a diagnosis.  Something was cracked, or had a hole and was not letting the gas through. ( I think that’s what it was).  Out came the tools and before long the problem was solved.  Thanks to some duct tape that Brother Bill had wrapped around the handle bars. Amazing!

We continued on to the neighbours, and just before we arrived we met Julia, cross-country skiing with her dogs.  We all went back to her place, and while Brother Tom made trails around their farm, I had my first lesson in cross-country skiing.  Unfortunately the camera stayed in the house, so I have no actual evidence to show you how well I did.  I am sure I looked like a pro as I gracefully moved through the fields, especially up and down the hills.  You will have to take my word for it…

After the ski, and cup of hot tea, we hopped back on the sleds and headed home.

I had fun yesterday!


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A Science Lesson

Christmas is over, New Years is past, the sprite has gone home, and the winter snow continues.  Continues, and continues, and continues. It is really starting to pile up.

IMG_0001Can you spot Emma perched up high like a bird?

Brother Tom is kept busy clearing the road, the driveways, and the yards.  Lately it has been more than a full-time job…but he is keeping things clear.  The road is great to walk on when it has been freshly plowed.


Emma still manages to find her daily stick.

IMG_0001_2And now for the science lesson…

A couple of days ago I noticed blood in the animals pen.  There were a few areas of bloody snow and I spotted the occasional bloody footprint.  I checked them all out as best as I could, no one was limping, no one showed any signs of blood on their feet or legs.  I was concerned, but they all seemed fine.  I mentioned it to Brother Tom and suggested he might have to give me a hand flipping the sheep so I could check more thoroughly.  I mentioned it to Brother Dan when I talked to him on the phone… he wasn’t sure what it could be either.

The next day when Brother Tom stopped by we went into the animal pen and I showed him.  Right away he said he had spotted similar blood out in the bush during his walks.  Interesting…

Today I went to the internet to check it out and guess what?  Here’s your science lesson for the day.

Apparently the cold weather can cause a chemical reaction in urine, causing it to turn red.

I was so relieved to know there was nothing wrong with Olivia and the sheep!

IMG_0001_1It’s a beautiful day here, on Morrisbrook Farm!

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We have had a visit from a snow sprite.  She arrived on Monday and completely took over Morris Brook Farm.


She toured the entire farm with her magical ice wand.

IMG_0001_1She patrolled the roads and checked the quality of the snow plowing.

IMG_0001_8She tested Emma’s skill at catching snowballs…over and over again.

IMG_0001_3She insisted on sampling the local cuisine,

IMG_0001_5and evaluating Brother Tom’s driving skills.


Last but not least, she spent some time with Olivia and the sheep.  Were they getting enough to eat?

IMG_0001_6Was their hay top quality?


The snow sprite left for home today.  We haven’t heard the final report yet, but she seemed to be satisfied with her findings…and we thoroughly enjoyed having her here.  We hope she comes back!

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