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Morning Shadows

Yesterday morning while getting  my second cup of coffee, I walked past this dresser and for a second I thought I had two kerosene lamps.

The sun coming in the window had reached the dresser and created a perfect shadow of the lamp.  It didn’t last long… the shadow moved and changed as the sun rose higher. It happened quite fast…it had even changed in the time in took me to grab my camera and take the shot.

Another reminder for me to pay attention, notice and appreciate what is happening around me before it changes and I miss it completely.

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Cold and Clear

Winter is still here.  Woke this morning to -20 C and a cold clear sky.  The smoke from Tom’s cabin was going straight up and then drifting west.

It is on these clear mornings that the lengthening of the days is most apparent. I awoke at quarter past six and could see the mountains in the distance through the east window.  There was no need to turn on a light in the cabin or wear a headlamp to go outside with Emma.

I watched Odin make his way across the field to say good morning, instead of having him appear like a ghost out of  the darkness.

Yes, winter is still here but spring is on its way.


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Icicle Invasion

Lately the weather here has flip-flopped back and forth between winter and spring.  It warms up a bit and the snow starts to melt and then it cools  and everything freezes up again.

This has created some very interesting ice and snow effects.  I call this one the icicle invasion.  These icicles are coming down off the roof of Tom’s cabin and heading straight for the windows and walls.

Tom calls them Paxton Valley Ice Cubes.  Need an ice-cube for a cool drink?  You don’t need a fridge…just step outside and break off an icicle.

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Sled Dog

Tom had some company yesterday and with all this beautiful snow they arrived on skidoos.  We love our dogs up here…they go everywhere with us.

Our sled dogs don’t pull or push…they ride!


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Snow Day

We had a snow day on Thursday.  It started snowing around five in the morning and didn’t stop until late in the afternoon.  Expected visitors stayed home and didn’t brave the roads. The daily walk was a shorter one, Emma struggled to make her way and ended up covered with snowballs. Odin had no problem, he was in his element.

Snowed again overnight but just a skiff.  Company coming today for fun in the snow and hot dogs.

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Got Kale?


I have been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables lately and so far the only vegetables I seem able to eat in abundance are potatoes (it doesn’t matter if they come in a big yellow bag labelled Lay’s does it?) and corn (popped with butter of course).

I was chatting with my friend Amy  the other day and she mentioned the exceptional nutritional value of kale and asked if I had ever eaten it.  To me kale was just the decorative purple plant in other people’s gardens.  She said she had been eating kale chips.  Kale tossed with olive oil, sea salt and pepper and baked in the oven.

So the next time I went grocery shopping I picked up a bunch of this pretty purple vegetable and carted it home.  Tonight I was going to make a big batch of popcorn and then remembered I was going to eat more vegetables  I didn’t feel like taking the time bake the kale chips so I just stir fried some with an orange pepper in olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  I added a serving of lentil stew that I had made the other day and sat down to try this new vegetable.

Surprise!  It tastes delicious.  Next up…kale chips!

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Snow Bath

Woke up this morning to the tail end of a snowstorm.  There was about two inches of beautiful fresh snow.  Everything seemed cleaner, fresher and the  bright sunshine made it all the more so.

Our daily walk today took us through the woods and down to the meadow.  It took my breath away…the view not the hike.

All that clean, fresh snow inspired Emma to take a snow bath.

It was fun to witness the pure joy she was feeling rolling around and around in the snow.  Over and over again she flopped down and rolled until she was completely covered.

And I was filled with joy as well.  It’s not always clean, fresh snow that she takes such pleasure in rolling in.

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